I was feeling lethargic along with having brain fog. I stopped into my local vitamin store and they suggested I should see Jeanette for a blood analysis. Jeanette took a tiny blood sample and used a microscope to look at the health of my blood cells while I was watching on a TV monitor. The pictures attached are from the first time I was in (cells stuck together with shiny contaminates slowing my blood flow) to around 60 days later, my blood cells were normal. Jeanette advised me to take a couple of supplements to clean up my blood. I have never felt better and would highly recommend Jeanette to guide you to better health.




I have always cared for my health and for some time, I wanted to have my blood viewed and analyzed to see where I needed suggestions. Thankfully my physical therapist referred me to Jeanette earlier this year to address my intense feelings of fatigue and overall blahs. The live blood analysis was an alarming eye opener. My blood showed a high concentration of coagulated blood cells, (What?? I’ve been on a blood thinner for over 2 yrs!), unusual crystalized formations, other foreign indications (possibly related to two covid vaccinations), as well as some plaque, cholesterol, parasites and other chemicals affecting my liver, kidneys and spleen. I was given a regimen of targeted natural supplements over several months to eliminate these specimens and re-establish my blood to a healthier state. After only 3 months of detoxing my body, my blood work showed major improvements. All the crystal formations, free radical scavengers and organ attackers were eliminated, along with cells no longer clinging together! I continued with the natural supplements and a more alkaline diet over a time period of 6 months and I am feeling extremely healthier than how I started on this journey to health and well being. My energy is back and I feel good inside. I concur Jeanette has great knowledge and compassion for what she does to diagnose and offer clear natural remedies to help gain our health back and I am most grateful for her guidance and professional help. It is not just the right foods and vitamins to feel confident we are staying healthy, it’s actually seeing what is floating around in our blood, our life force, to know we are truly healthy! More people should take control of their health and seek out Jeanette’s services in my opinion.”



I met Jeanette in March 2022. My husband and I went and had her analyze our blood. I had many things wrong with mine and it was full of graphene oxide. It concerned me, so I came back two weeks later for a recheck, after taking supplements that I purchased from Jeanette. My two week visit showed nice healthy blood cells. Although there was still work to be done, she had me on the path to being healthy.

Before seeing Jeanette, I had a horrible burning inside my body. It started with the shingles two years previous to meeting her. And then having had five hand surgeries last year, I would have burning on the incision sites along with horrible arthritis. After starting the supplements that she chose for me, my burning went away. That is the most miraculous thing for me. The burning was horrible and just felt like I was on fire inside. I’m so thankful to Jeanette that I don’t have to live with that burning the rest of my life.

I am one of Jeanette’s biggest advocates. Everyone I talk to, I recommend they see her since my life is so much better.




Working with Jeanette changed our lives. Employing live cell analysis, Jeanette could identify underlying health challenges for both my daughter and me. Using targeted natural supplements, enzymes, chelating minerals, herbal tinctures, pro & prebiotics we were able to reestablish my daughter’s immune system and our health. Jeanette’s kind and optimistic demeanor has been invaluable as we navigated a complex and serious health condition. Her willingness to answer questions and research those that need more assessment is reassuring. In addition, Jeanette works closely with practitioners to present additional treatment options to her clients. I credit Jeanette for helping to identify the early indicators of potential blood cancer in my daughter and helping us gain control over the situation.
Betsy W.

Jeanette offers a very Professional Service.
Dr. Dennis A.

Jeanette was enthusiastic, informed, and technically on point in reviewing my live blood cells. More importantly she made it easy to understand the specific health strengths and conditions that warrant some correction. This was one of the most useful diagnostic tools I have seen. To be able to look on a screen at your live cells in the moment and begin to comprehend what is going on inside your cells is remarkable. I highly recommend this to anyone serious about their health long term, and to also understand which supplements you should be taking, why, and for how long to bring the desired changes needed for your body to rebuild itself.
Paula L.H.

Jeanette is superb in discovering the condition of your cells (and your health) right in front of you! I got a microscopic view of my live blood cells in the exact moment!! It was amazing to “see inside of me”!! Jeanette is spot on with her diagnosis and treatment! Improve your health and wellbeing with a live blood cell analysis. Explore YOUR wellness!
Andrea H.

I have used the service and have discovered many things doctors never told me about my diabetes. If you want to learn more about your body give it a chance to heal, come see this lady ASAP for the formula is simple and she is magical. Highly recommend the services.
Freddy S.

For the last 3 years, I have been using supplements based on the results of my blood cells. I experienced Jeanette’s Live Cell Consultation first hand while visiting Florida. To sit there and view my blood was exciting, interesting and revealed a few health concerns. Everything health-wise has improved. My monthly supplement plan is so reasonable. I am so grateful I found Explore Wellness. Thank You Jeanette for the alternative and holistic health service.
Deanie G.