Adrenal Power



Adrenal Power Helps Boost Energy!

Adrenal Power helps provide the necessary nutrients to nourish, rebuild and restore the adrenal glands to a healthy state. The adrenal glands are the energy producers of the body and are closely tied to the thyroid gland (which regulate the body’s metabolism) and the pancreas gland (which regulates blood sugar levels). Many people suffer from loss of energy which is referred to as ‘adrenal exhaustion.’ Adrenal exhaustion is often the effect of stress, lack of exercise, poor diet and stimulants such as caffeine, energy drinks and sugar. This formula is most effective when used in conjunction with Fatigue Formula.


  • Helps support and provide the nutrients to restore the adrenal glands to a healthy state.

  • Helps the body to cope with stress and to provide the body with the necessary energy for a healthy and active lifestyle.